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It was a pleasure working with Adriano on converting our website www.ergo21.com to WordPress. He did a fantastic job as you can see. Our sales have increased tremendously and we have customers calling us and complimenting on our site. Adriano just looked at our former website and knew which theme will work best with our product line. And best of all he did it within the time frame he promised, which is very rare in Web Design business. We are very happy with his work 🙂
-Steve Gambhir-

Adriano is a valuable resource for WordPress, site design and web strategy. I hired him for a private session to get me started on the right foot for building a site. There's an ease of working with him. He demonstrated care for my understanding and learning experience.
-Jeff Longo-

Adriano is the best! He did a fantastic job on my website. I am so proud to share my site with everyone. He is very knowledgeable and he keeps up with changes and updates that are crucial in his field. He also helped to educate me on ways to maximize exposure to my site. I will recommend Adriano to anyone looking to build their website.
-Lisa Belott-

Adriano provided invaluable assistance in helping me launch my website. His expertise and knowledge of WordPress is very impressive! Utilizing his innate design savvy and intuition, Adriano created an awesome logo for my business and assisted me with the branding. Adriano also offered impeccable customer service by investing time in teaching me how to manage and navigate my website. I highly recommend Adriano for all your website and graphic design needs. He’s great!! bodysoulevolution.com
-Sheila Dauer-

Easy Websites Solutions saved my day when I needed a website fix. I had hired a friend of a friend to create my small biz website. That was a mistake. The guy did a decent job for me but it was just not professional enough. EWS stepped in and revamped the entire website and even gave me tips on how to get more traffic!
-Abraham Ezzati-

I am not a techy type guy so I did not know if I would be wasting money on learning a web building platform like WordPress. I don't have the budget just yet with my tiny landscaping business to hire a company to do a full blown web development. So I wanted to give it a try on my own once I had a tutorial. EWS's training for WordPress was awesome and was simple enough for me, as a non-geek, to get. I am getting new customers every month from my landscaping website…which I maintain all by myself.
-Michael Valentine-

I hired Adriano for a four hour private session, to help me enhance and improve my WordPress page, on which I've been working for about six months now. He suggested to get a new Theme, that would be nicer, stronger and that would also have better features. He was most helpful during the instruction and the final results had me very satisfied. If you want to improve your WordPress capabilities, he is the person to talk to.
-Raphael Ucrós-

Just wanted to drop a note to Jayson. The video presentation was everything we could have asked for with this project. Your dedication to getting the "feel" we needed, is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!
-Dr Iraniha-

I would not know a domain from a twitter! Thankfully, Easy Websites Solutions is here to handle all that stuff for me. I told them what I needed for my company website and they took it from there. They kept me updated along the way so we stayed on the same page throughout the set up. I could not be happier with the crew over there. God bless...
-Theressa Waller-

I am pretty competent when it comes to setting up a website and I even know how to gain some decent traffic. But an artist, I am not. Thanks to EWS and specifically Chylyse, my website is looking its best. A great design has went a long way in getting potential clients to stay on my website pages much longer. I track all these stats and the cool design made a big difference.
-Charlene Reeso-

For anyone that is thinking of running your own pay per click ad campaign for your business website.…think again. unless you have a few weeks free to dedicate to learning all that information, you better hire it out to a team like EWS. There is just too much to learn about PPC advertising for a busy person like me to learn. I hardly have time to run my daily business tasks, much less learn about PPC. And I have fishing to do! Thank you Adriano.. you guys saved me a ton of time.
-John Cho-

I am well versed in WordPress but I have no idea how to build a mobile app. Easy Websites Solutions did that work for me. It was done on schedule and they never made me feel like a "dummy". They explained things thoroughly and simply. I am a client for life.
-Dante Caballeri-

Video marketing was a new world for our little pet business. But we had heard great things about EWS, so we gave it a shot. The results of the video projects have paid off for us. It has helped our branding and customers tell us how personal the videos appear to them.
-Marcela Duarte-

I love social media, but I have no idea how to maximize the platforms when it comes to getting traffic to my blog. Thats why I needed Easy Websites Solutions. They gave me the tools I needed to get the best results from my tweets and Facebook posts. The tips they freely gave after getting me set up, have been invaluable. #awesome 🙂
-Franco Ponce-

I have used Easy Websites Solutions.com for a few projects…from a business site to some graphic design for printed materials. They have went above and beyond on each task. I could not be happier with the company. They do not try to force extra services on me and just do what I need. They under promise and over deliver.
-Kasha Sarconi-

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